Eye Care Physician and Surgeons has an office in Winchester Virginia located on 158 Front Royal Pike 22602. Dr. Hynes has 15+ years of experience as an ophthalmologist! If you have any eye care needs then please give us a call. Below we wanted to talk about our home, Winchester Virginia. Enjoy!

address2_newWinchester Virginia is home to the National Cemetery and the Confederate Cemetery. Winchester Virginia is home to history throughout the years. Formerly known as Frederick Town, founded in 1752, the town was given the name of Winchester after Colonel James Wood’s hometown of Winchester, England. Over the years Winchester has grown into a vibrant community built upon historic traditions. Home to 26,000 residents, Winchester is characterized by being surrounded by numerous apple orchards. These orchards and the massive apple export market it brings have led to Winchester being named the Apple Capital of the United States.

When apple orchards surround you what else do you do but host a famous apple-themed festival. Put on by the city during the first few days of May, the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival brings in 250,000 visitors to Winchester during those few days every year. Filled with concerts, contests and famous guest speakers, the festival is capped off with the world’s largest fireman’s parade for the main event. The Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival allows for the world to witness the history and beauty throughout the city.

Winchester has plenty more to offer than just a summer festival however. Besides the countless other exciting events thrown by the city, Bluemont Summer Concert Series, Free Outdoor Movie Series, and Christmas in Old Town events to name a few. The city is home to the National Register Historic District in the downtown area. The 45-block district has something for everyone to do. Home to historic sites like the tomb of Lord Fairfax, George Washington’s Headquarters and the Old Courthouse Civil War Museum, it is easy to learn about and experience important aspects of American history.

However, the Historic District doesn’t only house historic experiences, but also unique shopping, dining, entertainment, and nightlife. Hungry and not sure what you are craving? Walk through the Loudoun Street Pedestrian Mall and you will find something that will satisfy your taste buds. Looking for a new suit, a summer dress, or new shoes for your kids? Anything you might need or want, or don’t even know you need or want can be found in one of the numerous window shops lining the downtown area. And maybe you are looking for entertainment for the day or night? There is live music, karaoke, or nightclub DJs; whatever your entertainment desire, there is something to enjoy.

Winchester Virginia is full of a rich history that permeates through the people, the streets and the beautiful apple orchards around the city. With plenty of attractions and a community feel, Winchester provides a wonderful place to live for residents and a desirable destination for visitors.

Eyecare Physicians and Surgeons is proud to call Winchester Virginia its home. From its 158 Front Royal Pike Location it services Winchester Virginia, Frederick County, Stephens City, Stephenson, Boyce, Millwood, Berryville, Inwood, Charles Town, Gore and other areas up and down the Shenandoah Valley. We look forward to providing ophthalmologist services that include Comprehensive Eye Exams, Uveitis, Dry Eye Treatment, Diabetic Eye Exams, Blepharitis, Eye Exams for Patients with Medical Conditions, Cataract, Glaucoma, Eye Exams for Side Effect of Systemic Medicine and more.